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Outlaw Trail Nebraska Trail Rides


2017 rides to be determined.
A list of rides will be added soon, please check back.


Experience the area like the Native Americans, Early Explorers, Pioneers, and Outlaws, when you saddle up for a trail ride. History comes alive as you venture along the Scenic Highway 12 Byway.

As you ride on a beautiful morning the Outlaw Trail sky slowly turns from the gold, pink and purple to clear azure blue. In the pristine atmosphere you see the shadows of the hills grow shorter as the sun climbs ushering in the day.
The sandy hills of the Valentine area, the beauty of the wild woods, the water, and the canyons, are ever present as you follow the Scenic Niobrara River. The topography changes along the trail as you ride East, from the turtle back buttes that give Keya Paha County its name, to the wide fertile fields and open vistas as you ride closer to the Missouri.
You are experiencing a primitive type of beauty that is rare in this world. Wild flowers bloom on all sides, dotting the landscape in varying ribbons of color. The blue of the bell shaped flowers of the Prairie Penstemen the ivory white of the soap weed, the ever present gold of the sunflower, and the paler wild honeysuckle, the fragrant and lovely prairie rose, combine with hundreds of others wildflowers, creating a multi-colored quilt of fragrant beauty against the various grasses growing along the trail.
How the early settlers and homesteaders must have marveled at the abundance of beauty, birds and wildlife that thrived in the area. There goes a doe with her spotted fawn, almost impossible to see, its dappled sides blending into the colors of its surroundings. A flock of wild geese circle over the river as they descend to savor tasty seeds on the wild grasses. Cotton tail bunnies scurry out of the way of the trail riders pausing to decide whether there is danger or just an interruption of the peace on the prairie.

Step back in time, experience the Outlaw Trail just like the Pioneers, Native Americans, and famous Outlaws.

Bring your camera and capture spectacular foliage and scenery while enjoying a trail ride along the Outlaw Trail.

Meet new and old friends while during the weekend trail ride events.

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