Nebraska’s Outlaw Trail Hwy 12 Scenic Byway Quiltway

See the Byway the Quiltway

Friday & Saturday, October 13 & 14, 2017

Three area committees: Eastern, Central and Western Committees are coordinating efforts to promote Quiltway with fabric quilt and painted barn quilt displays along the HWY 12 corridor. Watch for the eight-page publication and radio promotions which will inform travelers about display sites.

Outdoor barn quilts: To acknowledge Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial Celebration, over 200 wooden quilt blocks have been created to enhance See the Byway the Quiltway 2017.  How many quilt blocks can you spot in our communities and along HWY 12?  Iris is excited to assist you with the instruction of creating outdoor barn quilts.

Committees chairs:  Eastern-Iris Dutton-402-889-8485 & Jodi Kilton-402-755-2327; Central- Marilyn Janovec 402-857-3611 & Mary Eiler 307-220-4280; Western-Connie Larrington 402-497-2261. Celebrate Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial with your participation in See the Byway the Quiltway. Call one of the committee chairs in your area.


2017_quiltway_bywayQuiltway Sites to Visit

Along Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway Nebraska’s HWY 12

Barn & Fence Post Quilts Along the Byway



South Sioux City
NICC-NE Indian Com. College
2605 Dakota Avenueoutlaw_trail_quiltway_helen_quilt
Display by Sto-wahi (to gather)


Stough House
205 West 3rd Street
Theme-The Sesquicentennial Wayquiltway_byway_helen_quilt


Carnegie Library
201 West 2nd Street
Theme-The Pioneer Reading Way


Ponca Community Center
123 West 3rd Streetsampler_quilt_quiltway_nebraska
Theme-The Nebraska Pie Way


Salem Lutheran
103 East 2nd Street
Friday-Speaker: Diane Gubbels


NewcastleNebraska Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway Barn Quilt- Horse
Hartington-Newcastle School
509 Annie Street
Display-Sewing Machine to Tractor


St. James
St. James Market Place
89039 – 570 AvenueOTSB-Quilt Block-July 2016
*RE: Detour-Local traffic is open
to St. James from the east
and through Wynot from the west.


Village Inn
211 West 2nd Street
Repairing Flags
Display-Quilt Frame

Nebraska Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway Barn Quilt- Nebraska Logo

Nissen Winery
88973 Hwy 57
Serving free wine samples.


Niobrarasewing_box_tool_ box
Presbyterian Church 2533 Apple
Saturday-Speaker-2:00 PM
Jodi Henry-Topic:  Cradle Boards


Bristow Hall
Main Street
Mary Lou Kerr-Topic: Paper Piecing


Springview School
201 East Football Avenue
Friday-Nebraska Humanities Speaker-10:30 AM
Mr. Chris Sayre-Topic
Nebraska’s Musical Smorgasbord


Cattleman’s Lounge
125 Main Street
Special quilt and display



‘See the Byway the Quiltway’  2017

Biennial Event

Save the Date – October 13 & 14, 2017

9 AM -6PM

Check back for listing as event draws near.


Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial

Contact Marilyn at 402-857-3611 or Iris at 402-889-8485 to create a quilt

block of various sizes for your barn, home, garage, or fence post.

Gene Blatchford, of Newcastle, has given new life to broken sewing machines.

These works of repurposed art will be on display in Newcastle during Quiltway 2017.  

Pictures & Script submitted by Jodie Kilton.

Enjoy viewing some quilts from past displays.


Click here to view the 2015 Quiltway Archive Page.




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